Thursday, May 16, 2013


Edge of the ocean
Icy waves lick my toes
Seafoam climbing my ankles
Pokes at the fraying cuffs of my trousers
With every step the sticky sludge sucks me closer to earth
My tiny mother
Pristine tea-white sneakers
Delicately laced and double-knotted
Stands her ground in the packed wet sand
A seaward wind lifts and rumples her soft graying shag
The sun glows on her appling cheek, determined
To brighten her graven grimace
as she tells me Sometimes
You just have to give
Up on your dreams

I imagine her untethered
Arms stretched head tipped
Lips parting smile
She delights in the warmth
The breeze
The love of the day
I nod and take her offered hand
She is what I've got