Monday, July 9, 2012


I awoke surrounded by trees, cheek pressed up against the soggy moss on the forest floor.  The leafy branches overhead so efficiently blocked out the daylight that the sun was made irrelevant.  Inside the forest it was dark as night and getting my bearings was going to be a hell of a challenge.  I didn't suppose I'd get a cell signal way out here but I fumbled for my phone anyway, wanting the comfort of its familiar screen.  My pockets were empty.  No phone, no keys.  No cigarettes.  Cool perspiration broke out on my forehead as I began to question for the first time since waking what the hell I was actually doing here.  I moved my legs, attempting to roll onto my stomach and push myself into a standing position.  My right knee protested loudly, the sensation reminding me of meat twisting through the blades of an old timey grinder.  I fell indelicately onto my ass, grateful that no one was around to witness it.  Then I remembered why I was alone and the panic set in.  I couldn't walk upright so I began a modified crawl through the darkness, feeling around on the spongy ground for anything that might reveal more about my surroundings.  My muddy fingers closed on something man-made and my heart leaped into my throat.  The thing was metal and fit comfortably in my hand.  As I turned it over I felt the weight inside shift. I found the top and carefully unscrewed it, sniffing the contents.  It was water, or something else that didn't smell like anything.  My heart leaped again at the find and then came crashing to the ground in front of me.  If someone had left me with water I must be a long, long way from home.