Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 22

For Ed P.

Strange kid
With your hands in your pants
Nobody understood you
Not like I did
Or was sure I would
If we ever talked.

You had such pretty eyes
And thick hair I wanted to run my fingers through
But I was biding my time,
Waiting for the difference in our ages to be less creepy.
Only five years
In our teens an eternity
In our twenties only a trifle
In our thirties nothing at all.

I arrived at thirty bursting with life
But you were not so lucky
Your time ended at nineteen.
I hope it was a painless and happy moment
Or that it helped you find peace
Or that your final destination was a room
Filled with other sweet kids
Who didn't fit in
Who couldn't keep their hands out of their pants
Who loved you for your weirdness
Just like me.